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On this page you can see the different workshops we offer.

Our team offers a variety of workshops. We have cooking workshops in which we learn to prepare healthy food attuned to the nutritional knowledge that different ingredients provide. We offer workshops on weaning in which we learn the best way to introduce solids into the baby’s diet for the proper development of the microbiome. We have various classes on fermentation of vegetables and other foods, which together contribute to balancing our body and supporting the microbial population of organisms that help us attain optimal health. In addition, we offer workshops on Thai massage and Mayan abdominal massage, taught by our educator Monica Orozco.


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Cocina con Conciencia
Module 1, 2 + 3

Our food is a celebration and our primary medicine. Today, we see our food as a necessity, sometimes an indulgence and certainly as a comfort, but we have lost sight of the fact that food interconnects all humans and is the connection to the elements of the earth and the rhythm of the seasons. Many of us have forgotten that food is afundamental part of who we are, what we are and where we are going. In this workshop, we will address these themes together through a series of classes taught in three modules.


Cocina con Conciencia

Undoubtedly, the introduction of solids into a baby's diet marks an important moment. There are many opinions about the right time to introduce solids, the type of food to introduce, as well as the right time to introduce it. We lack the understanding and significance of what each food provides during each stage of our baby's development. It is important to have this knowledge to ensure the optimal formation of the digestive tract. In this workshop we will work on these issues together to ensure the good health of your baby.


The Art of Lacto Fermentation


Fermenting vegetables, fruits, sauces and drinks is a simple, inexpensive process that has been around throughout history. Fermented vegetables not only keep probiotics in our bodies, but the changes that occur in the vegetables when fermented make their nutrients more accessible for our bodies to absorb. In this workshop we will learn how to ferment our vegetables, fruits, dressings and more.

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