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On this page you can see the different workshops carried out by invited professionals.

The workshops offered by these professionals are varied. A host of activities include courses on numerical birth chart reading, classes on urban gardens, and workshops on cocoa and its nutritional contributions when grown by indigenous communities in Mexico.



Ballet and Art
Instructor: Marcela Gonzalez

Ballet, Gymnastics and Art Teacher

Our classes for girls from 5-9 years old, have as their mission to promote and develop through dance, gymnastics and art, physical, mental and artistic self-knowledge. Ballet is important because it is the basis of dance. It invites us to find excellence, precision, solidity, delicacy and balance in our movement and our body. Through this discipline, the student discovers their center and learns about the unique natural anatomical posture of their body. This allows the student to respect their limits while reaching their maximum potential. Gymnastics is a discipline that develops strength and elasticity. It allows for the practice of perseverance and concentration. It creates opportunities for the exercise and practice of courage. It requires effort and self-confidence to achieve goals. It motivates the move towards ever more complex goals, building character and allowing the student to experience the satisfaction of achievement and the fruit of his or her own effort and perseverance. Art induces us to flow. Art does not judge, it promotes freedom and that is why by practicing it, what we truly feel emerges and is discovered, serving as a way of emotional expression. Releasing, discovering, and/or understanding what we feel, helps us to find peace and feel freedom. The three disciplines complement each other in a very natural way. The product of pursuing excellence in ballet, forging a tenacious character in gymnastics and developing the habit of free expression through art, help the pupil to excel in the most important areas of an initiation to the artistic disciplines.

Home Vegetable Garden Workshop
Instructor: Gonzalo Villarreal

Founder of the project Ciénega Asterión México (center for human development and ecology).

An urban vegetable garden does not require a large extension of land once we know the requirements and needs of what we want to grow. In this workshop you will learn how to germinate, transplant and nurture your vegetables in spaces that at first sight do not seem suitable. You can grow your tomatoes in a (recycled) pot, your aromatic herbs in a half of a tire, and plant a few pots of chilies of your choice. Everything is possible! To grow at home, you must know the requirements of the different crops and their specific nutrition. You must also know how to deal with pests in an organic manner. This is how you can make your home vegetable garden completely sustainable.

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Reconnective Healing
*Individual Therapy*
Instructor: Laura Cázares
Certified Therapist in Reconnective Healing by Dr. Erick Pearl

Reconnective Healing is an innovative and revolutionary technique that helps to reestablish a person's lost connection to their original information of Harmony, Oneness, Perfection and Balance. This therapy acts at the energetic DNA level. Energy circulates through our channels and is distributed throughout the body. When an imbalance occurs, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, our body suffers and can become ill if the imbalance persists. It is a call to reorient, a change. Reconnective Healing restores physical, mental and emotional balance, and harmonizes life. It is a type of therapy that is recommended in order to eliminate stress, anguish, and unpleasant memories. The therapy offers information, light and energy, and helps us to overcome our blockages.


Maya abdominal Massage Workshop
Instructor: Mónica Orozco
Therapist accredited by the Mexican school of therapies ATMA and by the TMC School Chiang Mai

Monica offers workshops on Maya abdominal massage following the techniques of Dr. Rosito Arvigo, whose knowledge stems from her long apprenticeship with the late Maya H'Men, Don Elijio Panti of Belize. Through the Arvigo techniques, in this workshop Monica helps us to combine work with the body, traditional remedies, herbal knowledge and spiritual healing, to restore wholeness and well-being to our body and mind.


Cocoa Workshop
instructor: Humberto
Entrepreuner - Soul of a Jaguar

In this workshop we learn about cocoa and its nutritional contribution when it is cultivated by indigenous communities in Mexico without any alteration in its processing. Humberto, shares with us his historical knowledge about cocoa, tells us about its value, explains the effort of the indigenous communities to survive economically while cultivating it, and highlights the work of these communities as guardians of nature. Learning about these values invites us to participate in the consumption of true cocoa that is responsibly grown and healthy with nature.


Thai Massage Workshop
Instructor: Mónica Orozco
Therapist accredited by the Mexican school of therapies ATMA and by the TMC School Chiang Mai

With these workshops you will learn to develop skills that allow you to perform ancient techniques still used by monks in Buddhist temples today. According to Thai medicine, diseases are caused by energy blockages. Thai massage undoes physical and energetic blockages by means of acupressure on the energy channels and passive stretching. According to Thai medicine, diseases are caused by energy blockages.


Numerical Birth Chart Reading

*Individual Therapy*
Instructor: Laura Cazares

Certified in Pythagorean Numerology

Your date of birth and your name are vibrational codes that give us information about the energy within you, your gifts, talents, abilities, character traits to work on, your energetic projection and much more. Studying your numerical chart is a wonderful tool for well-being and self-knowledge. It allows us to know ourselves, rediscover ourselves, connect with our gifts and abilities, and helps us make the most of plans and projects in our lives. The numerical chart makes you aware of how numbers are related in your life, it will help you to understand yourself better and thus improve all your relationships.

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