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Prepare yourself to live your pregnancy and birth with awareness, confidence and



Prenatal Yoga is one of the main and most recommended activities to prepare for

childbirth. It is an essential practice to stimulate your body and mind.

Experience the following in just one class: yoga, therapeutic massage, reiki, conscious relaxation and meditation. During the class you will learn to listen to the natural rhythms of your body and to adapt your breathing to your process. Experience the postures, stretches, relaxation, and introspective attitude that will allow you to achieve a connection with yourself and your baby. Learn to listen to your baby from the moment he/she is in your womb.


In this class you will find a healthy way to live this process, recognizing, accepting, releasing and harmonizing your sensations, emotions and everything that involves the transformation of your body and the body of your baby. In this way you will achieve self-awareness, inner calm, peace and tranquility.


Among the many benefits, you will obtain:

  • Increased strength, endurance, flexibility and/or relaxation of the muscles necessary for childbirth.

  • Reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, by improving mood.

  • Relief of tension and/or pain in the spine or lower back.

  • Improved sleep, etc.




Collaborator of Centro Amayal since 2011, she teaches prenatal yoga, reiki and mother-baby yoga. She also offers infant massage therapies.


Nélida has a medical degree and holistic and initiatory training in the International Network of Non-Governmental Cultural Organizations, Gran Fraternidad Universal. In this network she has the degree of Getuls de cámara and has been director of the Yoga Institute of Monterrey and International Coordinator of Yug Yoga for prenatal, children and youth at the International College of Teachers of Yug Yoga Yoghismo.


She is a certified teacher of Vinyasa Yoga Prenatal, Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga Prenatal, and she is certified by the International Association of Yoga Yoghism and Yoga Alliance. At the same time she has the following additional training and/or qualifications:


Gentle Birth Guardian by Barbara Harper; hands on healing training by the International Syntergetic Association; CAPPA Childbirth and postpartum professional association certifications as a Perinatal Educator (CCCE) and Lactation Educator (CLE); certifications in Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Foot Reflexology by the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai; international certification as Infant Massage Educator/ Instructor by the Red Internacional de Masaje Infantil en Mexico (REMI) and the International Association of Infant Massage; certification as Birth Guardian by Barbara Harper Waterbirth International - Gentle Birth World Foundation; DOULA Certification for childbirth by DONA International Birth Doula Workshop; and international EHB certification as Blissborn Hypnosis Educator for Natural Childbirth by Barbara Harper.

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