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Amayal Logos for Website-07.png
Amayal Logos for Website-07.png
Amayal Logos for Website-07.png

We proudly offer the highest quality natural and organic products for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

All products in TERRENAL stores have been carefully selected. We make sure that suppliers optimally handle the origin of their products and the process of organic cultivation of their ingredients. They provide us with information regarding cultivation dates and inform us of the time that products spend in warehouses prior to delivery. We follow Terrenal’s highest quality standards in alignment with our ethical and moral responsibility to each of our customers.

Among a wide range of products, we offer the following...

Raw milk, butter, cream, yoghurt, kefir and cheeses; all from free range farming – Fermented foods and kombucha - Supplements and probiotics - Animal protein: Eggs, chickens, turkey, beef, buffalo, ostrich, lamb, pork, quail, rabbit, duck (all 100% free range), fish and seafood from hook and line (absolutely nothing farmed) - Bread made from ancestral grain wheat and rye (never modified, grown without chemicals and flour that is properly processed) - Bread made from wholemeal flours and white flours - All kinds of organic foods - Grains, cereals, pulses, legumes, nuts and seeds, organically grown vegetables and fruits - organic snow and ice cream - organic snacks - organic takeaways - gluten-free products - endocrine disruptor-free personal care and household items processed with healthy and non-toxic ingredients - skin care creams and make-up free of endocrine disruptors and toxic ingredients.

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Visit our stores...

Terrenal AMAYAL

5 de Mayo #1209 Pte., Colonia Palo Blanco

San Pedro, Garza García, N.L. 66230

81 8401 2262


Centro Comercial Pueblo Serena, Local C-112

Carretera Nacional #500, Colonia Valle Alto

Monterrey, N. L. 64989

81 2235 8300


Calzada San Pedro #800, Colonia Fuentes del Valle

San Pedro, Garza García, N.L. 66220

81 8335 5001


Carretera Punta Mita esquina con Libertad

Sayulita, Nayarit 63734

329 688 1453

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As well as offering the living food that will take care of your health, we maintain strict

quality standards and have an ongoing commitment to sustainable agriculture and a

green lifestyle.

We feel a great thrill when we satisfy and delight you as customers and we are able to see how Terrenal begins to form an important part of your lives.

Please contact your nearest store for product availability and for

information on fresh produce delivery days.

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