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Blissborn is a course to prepare you and your partner for birth. It emphasizes the power of your own mind to birth in peace and with confidence. You already have everything you need to make it happen and once you learn to use it you will unlock

that power for yourself.

This prenatal course is designed to prepare women and their partners for the process of parenthood, which brings significant changes and adaptations. With information and resources, fears and uncertainty are reduced or eliminated. For this reason, in this course you will learn more about the science of your mind and how to redirect and focus it towards the goals you wish to achieve. This will allow you and your family to live the experience as comfortably, confidently and peacefully as possible.


To help you get rid of your fear of childbirth, in this workshop we will work on the following issues:


  • We will work on tools to experience childbirth and postpartum in confidence, peace and comfort.

  • We will explore the different roles of the couple.

  • We will create a preference plan for the birth of your baby.

  • We will develop tools to transform fear/worry into confidence.

  • We will deepen your knowledge of your body and the physiology of childbirth to increase your confidence in yourself, your baby and your partner.

  • We will investigate the nature of pain, and learn comforting techniques for coping with confidence.

  • We will learn about the benefits of having a midwife or doula at your birth.

  • We will study how to bring your mind to the desired state that will help you to have an easier, faster and more satisfying birth.


The objective of the Blissborn course is multiple:


  • Help you feel more comfortable and in control.

  • Prepare you for a more continuous labor.

  • Train you to maintain your focus.

  • Empower you so that you do not need interventions.

  • Contribute to reducing your baby's stress.

  • Support you to remember childbirth as a beautiful experience.

  • Teach you to create positive feelings for a positive state.

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Samara teaches our Blissborn prenatal class and also offers Maya massages for infertility, pregnancy and postpartum. She is a mother of 3 children born at home and in water. She has a degree in Reproductive Health and Midwifery from the Red Cross School of Nursing, Morelos, Mexico, and a B.S. in Biology from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.


She has experience assisting at births and in the prenatal clinic at the Hospital Regional Materno Infantil de Alta Especialidad, Monterrey, Mexico.


Since 2010, Samara has taught sex education courses in schools, and has attended more than 300 births as a home midwife.


She has completed the advanced Heart & Hands professional midwifery program, and has an extensive list of qualifications including the following: Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Educator; Waterbirth Midwife with four current certifications; Certified DONA Doula; and CAPPA Certified Perinatal Educator.


As a therapist, she specializes in sound bowl therapy; foot reflexology therapy; Chi Abdominal Thai therapy; and Mayan abdominal massage therapy for midwives using Arvigo techniques.


Samara has represented Mexico as an ICM Young Midwifery Leader (YML), and has worked with ICM YML to strengthen midwifery in Mexico. She has been a judge for the J&J GenHChallenge in San Francisco; a panelist in Washington DC representing YMLs for the WHO Midwives Voices, Midwives Realities annual report; a speaker at the ICM congress in Paraguay; an attendee at the Aspen Health Ideas (chosen by J&J); and has attended countless national and international midwifery conferences in Strasbourg, Denmark, Toronto, Paraguay and Mexico.


Samara has collaborated with the Population Council for a mapping study on private midwifery services in Mexico; has been Treasurer of the Mexican Association of Midwifery; and is a regular speaker as a midwife on radio, tv and Zoom, both nationally and internationally.

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