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Amayal Logos for Website-06.png
Amayal Logos for Website-06.png

SAMA SPA's healing vision stems from traditions of healing that address the origin of imbalances. Through these traditions we offer renewing rituals using optimal natural products together with non-invasive and state-of-the-art technology. Our aim is to enhance beauty and wellbeing through healthy practices.

The SPA is a temple of wellness in Monterrey, located within Amayal, from which we offer treatments following the holistic philosophy and personalized treatment characteristic of our center. While nutrition, education, exercise and medical care are covered by other areas of Amayal, Sama Spa is dedicated to massages and therapies that use non-harming modern techniques of healing and beautification.


In our treatments, these techniques complement the attention and knowledge of our therapists. Our holistic approach includes a multiplicity of treatments and rituals such as non-invasive skin care therapies, and the use of natural and organic products from the ISUN line (free of chemicals and preservatives). The serene atmosphere of our Spa offers you an oasis in the city from which to naturally heal. For this reason, mobile phones and other electronic equipment are not allowed during treatment.



Products of the highest integrity that provide optimal nutrient value through the use of unaltered wild-harvest plants. The unaltered vital energy of these plants is ideally suited to all skin types. ISUN products are carefully crafted with care and respect. By providing a quantum healing benefit they deliver results that go beyond skin care.

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