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The relationship between food and health is highly significant. Diet plays a vital role in promoting good health and well-being. The body has two vital functions: digestion and elimination. The miracle of life happens between these two functions. The food we eat is our fuel. It provides our body with the energy required to function well. If we don't take care of the quality and quantity of fuel we provide our body with, we simply won't feel good.


For this reason, the first step to ensuring good health is to reconnect with ourselves and understand the importance of having a good relationship with the food that we eat. We must internalize that our food must be palatable; it must be nutritious, digestible, and consumed in peace and serenity.


In this three-module workshop we will learn how a balanced organic diet plays a vital role in promoting good health.



Fundamentals of Healthy Eating


Grains and Cereals, Nuts and Seeds

In this module we will gain a broad understanding of grains, cereals, nuts and seeds. We will study their nutritional properties, reflect on their importance in our diet, and work together to prepare them correctly using ancestral ways and knowledges as our guide.



Building Blocks of our Body



Legumes, Vegetables, Sea Vegetables 



Fruits, Sugar, Processed Flour

In this module we will learn about the legumes that have nourished humanity for centuries. We will explore the different categories of fresh vegetables to understand when they are best eaten raw, steamed, sautéed or cooked. We will prepare broths, consommés and salads with their vinaigrettes, and we will study the nutritional values of different fruits whose components in our diet assist in the development of our body and regulate our digestion.




Building Blocks of our Body



Animal, Vegetable y Fat

To live, humans require proteins. Proteins have been categorized as one of the

"major building blocks" of the body because they are essential for the construction, maintenance and repair of body tissues such as skin, internal organs, nerves and muscle. They are also the main components of the immune system and of most hormones. For this reason, in this module we will learn about the different types of animal and vegetable proteins, study the different fats and lipids, and learn a host of healthy recipes.




In this book, Barbara Brittingham Powers presents an extensive collection of her own recipes. Her suggestions help us reclaim a holistic diet based on natural foods. Such a diet breaks with the high content of trans fats, processed salt, processed sugar, chemicals, colorings, synthetic flavorings and preservatives that abound in the modern diet. With this text, Barbara makes it easy for us to replace the processed products that surrounds us, with foods that nourish us when healthily cooked. As she likes to say, the aim of the book is to educate, educate, educate, educate, in order to prevent.

The book Cocina con Conciencia is available in Terrenal stores.

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