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Dr. Oscar González


Dr. Jose Oscar Gonzalez Linares is certified by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the American College for Advancement in Medicine, the Institute for Functional Medicine, and the Medical Educator Consortium Inc.


In 1998, concerned with finding different answers to those provided by traditional medicine, he found in functional medicine a holistic option. One that allows him to know in depth the physical, emotional and spiritual origin of the patient and treat each of these areas with the attention and knowledge necessary to provide the best option for the patient to regain their optimal health.


He became acquainted with various specific tests from renowned specialized laboratories, which, when applied to the patient give him a clear picture of food allergies, heavy metal toxicity in blood, and the hormonal status that impedes the proper functioning of the system. These tests together with the in-depth study of the microbiome and its nutrition-based importance, allow him to address the patient's specific needs.


Faced with the current crisis in the field of health, he continues his studies in order to provide patients with the most up-to-date and scientifically validated information.


The point is to empower teamwork between doctor and patient. In this manner, we learn about the patient's expectations, the patient’s willingness to apply themselves and understand their problem, and the tools available to the patient for a return to optimal health.




Surgeon and Partero graduated from BUAP, with professional license 2812987.


With the following certified postgraduate studies:


American Academy of Environmental Medicine

  • Children’s Health Issues


American College for Advancement in Medicine

  • Certified Member


The Institute for Functional Medicine

  • Cancer as a Chronic Disease

  • New Approaches and Treatments for Mood Disorders

  • Century Endocrinology: Thyroid and Adrenal

  • The many phases of Pain


The Medical Educator Consortium Inc.

  • Antiaging and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies

A4M American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine


IV and Peptides


Nitric Oxide, The key to longevity and health

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