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Lic. María Elena Dávila


María Elena Dávila has been a psychotherapist for 30 years and has always been motivated by service to others. With her studies and practice in clinical psychology she has had the privilege and the opportunity to help others successfully.


With experience, with her own personal growth processes, and over the years, she has realized that psychology and mental work are not enough. We also need to listen to our body to really understand and help other humans.


Her studies in Biological Decoding together with her professional activity have facilitated transformative achievements in her practice. With practical experience, she has realized that indeed, the root of our health problems lies in how we emotionally experience traumatic events. With trauma, a shock occurs in our biology that generates a biological conflict.


With Biological Decoding the person learns to listen to their biology and to connect in an integral manner their body, mind and emotion. Through Psychotherapeutic accompaniment, the person is able to understand that emotion is reflected not only in behavioral problems but also in their body and lifestyle.


Through biodecoding protocols, we discover and release the emotion that is trapped in the different parts of the body in the form of symptoms and illnesses.


The accompaniment offered by biodescodification creates the awareness in the patient of the need to put into practice a new philosophy of life. This is a new approach from which we understand that human beings need integral attention based on natural processes of expression and reconnection with the body.

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