Rejuvenating Facial Lift without Surgery – CACI Ultimate

An advanced pain-free relaxing treatment that focuses on problems related to anti-aging. The Ultimate process incorporates lifting the muscles; tonification of the skin; crystal free microdermabrasion; LED phototherapy that assists in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles; and collagen stimulation. The treatment gives the skin a radiant youth. Optimum results are reached with multiple treatments and follow up after 4 to 6 weeks.

Facial Lift without Surgery

This non-invasive facial treatment, with the support of 20 years of scientific research offers visible results without the necessity of surgery. It uses microcurrent to reduce facial muscles, resulting in an appearance of increased tonification and definition. This treatment stimulates the production of the body’s own collagen and elastin, leaving the skin firmer, softer and younger. We recommend a series of 6 to 10 treatments with follow up every 4 to 6 weeks.

Orbital Microdermabrasion Facial

CACI Ultimate offers a new technique of ultrasonic exfoliation without the use of crystals and without irritation. By removing dead skin cells, a younger and softer skin is revealed, immediately closing pores. This exfoliation also triggers the production of the body’s new collagen, rehydrating and replenishing the recently treated area. Microdermabrasion can also be used to treat skin damaged by sun and for improving acne. Nevertheless, it requires repeated treatments to be effective. This treatment works together with a wrinkle brush, LED Light Therapy Photo Stimulation and intense hydration. It is recommended for those with very sensitive and damaged skin or for brides and special occasions.

CACI Expreso Facial

This treatment provides instant hydration for the face and the neck in a short time. It is a highly recommended facial to be done during lunchtime. The treatment uses special microcurrent rollers to stimulate collagen together with rejuvenating products to refresh, hydrate and balance the skin.

Eye Lift without Surgery

The most effective treatment for the eyes with immediate results, using electrostimulation technology to re-educate muscles around the eye area and promote an instant lifting while softening fine lines. Optimum results obtained with multiple treatments.

CACI Electro Treatment for Cellulite

Assists in breaking through cellulite with special rollers, undoing stressful nodules, lifting and reaffirming the buttocks to stimulate circulation and assist in lymphatic drainage. Optimum results are obtained with multiple treatments.