Cynthia Salinas

Cynthia is a traditional yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience, a very special woman whose sensibilities, dedication and loyalty to her values transcend and her disciples cannot but feel the need of that lost essence that connects us to our body and that if we learn to listen to it we find the true beauty and harmony in our existence. Cynthia as a teacher possesses the ability to transmit her joy in the practice and teaching of yoga. This attitude is like an initiation. In order to grasp the teachings, time and the absence of ambition are required, but when a teacher transmits the pure meaning of what yoga practice is, the disciple learns without effort because the body senses the new beginning of life and the body is able to express a special joy. These are not simple words: actually it is something that happens when the teacher teaches us that caring for our body is a simple act of humility. When yoga is practiced in its correct form, it enables us to maintain the purity in our body and in our mind.